Iconic Replicas - Seaview Sub Coming this Winter!

Flood all tanks! DIVE! DIVE!Here's the Seaview you've been waiting for! If you don't have the time or skill to put together a complicated model kit - assemble, putty and sand all the seams, primer coat, make corrections, repeat, paint,weather, gloss coat, and on and on - and just want to have beautiful model of the Seaview to display, Iconic Replicas has done all the hard work for you! This model is 24 inches long and comes complete with lucite display case, seabed display stand diorama, the Flying Sub, interior and exterior lighting, opening Flying Sub bay doors and more! Just pop open the box and your model is ready for action!Limited to only 800 pieces worldwide, this model will most likely sell out quickly. Winter 2008.

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