Secrets Of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea!

On newstands now Starlog issue October #369 has a great story on Voyage written by Mark Phillips. Nice to see Starlog including the IA TV shows in some of their issues.


Deanna Lund and Don Marshall a little update.

I had nice conversations with both yesterday and they are doing very well. We spoke a bit about the LOTG dvd set and both are impressed by the detail that Fox put into them. They are also thrilled that American Life is playing the series which it's always nice to have your show currently running on TV. A convention note, Deanna, Don Marshall, and Don Matheson will be attending the Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show in Burbank C.A. October 4 - 5. If your are in the L.A. area please stop by the convention and visit with them. The LIS cast will also be in attendance.