Happy Birthday Irwin Allen!

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Birth Anniversary of Irwin Allen


Friday June 12, 2009

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Irwin Allen 6/12/1916 - 11/02/1991


The passing of a Dear Freind Del Monroe.

Friends,I just received some very very sad news. Del Monroe passed away this afternoon at 130 Pacific Time. Del had leukemia and didn't wantanyone to know. Arrangements are pending. Terry Becker said as soon as hefinds out he will let me know. I will be posting it to the list when I have theinformation. Looks like Ski has joined the Admiral. May he rest in peace. Linda

I want to thank Linda Delaney for the phone call and letting me know about the passing of Del. Del was a dear friend who I got to know and became friends with after being introduced to him by one of my favorite people in the world Terry Becker. Del was always a giving person and I would make it apoint to get together for dinner along with Terry, Alan, and Kevin Burns when I would make my L.A. trips. Those trips have become less frequent in the last few years due to Family life and being super busy work wise. But Del is someone I will never forget. Rest in peace Del, you truly are one of the great ones!

Ray Dutczak